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If you could not find answers to the questions you have, don't hesitate to drop a line.

How it works?

Easy! Follow these simple steps:

1. Submit your photo and instructions via email or use Mega, Dropbox or Google Drive for sharing large/multiple files.
Info on how to submit an image can be found HERE.

2. Get a personal price quote based on your project requirements, deadline and amount of work to be done.

3. Once you accept the price quote, an invoice for the first half of the payment is send to you. You can pay via PayPal, Bank Transfer or Western Union.

4. Editing of your order starts ONLY when the first half of the payment arrives. Same works with time frames.

When the payment is received, you will be notified by email about processing your order.

All orders are processed from Friday to Sunday (except for ASAP orders).

5. When the order is finished, the page with previews of the final results is sent to you via email.

6. After editing result is confirmed and approved, you receive an invoice for the second half of the payment.

7. As soon as final payment arrives, you get a link for downloading edited images. Images are sent to you in original high resolution, with no watermark.

5. I finish your order within agreed time frames and send you a photo via Google Drive, Drop Box or Mega.

Can I get a trial?

Sure, editing of trial image is absolutely free for any client.

BUT please remember, it is a TRIAL retouch, NOT a freebie.

Therefore you will NOT be able to anyhow save or use the image. You will only be able to view the result of the editing on the closed page of my website. The image will have watermarks on it.

Submitting a trial works the same as submitting photo / project for retouch. You will find full instructions for submitting a photo HERE.

I retain the right to reject any photo which does not meet my standards, or which I deem inappropriate for any reason. During sampling I reserve the right to put watermark on the photos, as well as use the before-after result of editing on my website and social networks.

Should the client wish to get the photos without watermark, they should pay for the sampling done.

How much do you charge?

Final price depends on your project’s requirements. Most customers have specific directions, that is why each project is quoted individually.

Price differs depending on use of the images (commercial or non-commercial), amount of work to be done, the quality of the image itself, etc. For more information on how price works, go HERE.

To get an exact rate for your project, drop me a line. You can do it HERE.

How can I pay?

1. PayPal The safest and most secure way to pay online, used by millions every day. You can either pay with your PayPal account if you have one, or pay by debit or credit card directly through PayPal. PayPal commission may apply.

2. Bank transfer Great for orders over 100$. Lower commission comparing to PayPal.

3. Western Union A useful alternative to bank transfer. Send money from your local Bank or Post office.

Please contact for more information.

What are the time frames?

You set all the time frames for your project for both ASAP (ex.: edit 5 images within 24 hours), or a regular orders (ex.: retouch 10 beauty images within 9 days).

Average turnaround time may differ throughout the year. The goal is to have a 24 hour maximum turnaround time for one photo.

24 hour turnaround can not be guaranteed at any time for any order due to many factors which may include reworks/revisions, order size, level of difficulty, file type, etc.

Rates for regular and ASAP orders may differ. Please specify the time frames for your project while placing an order.

If you are under a tight deadline please send a message to WhatsApp or Telegram. Contacts may be found at ‘Contact’ page.

What are you services?

Most types of retouching services for a vast variety of purposes are provided.  Such as reshaping, skin cleaning and smoothing, frequency separation, make up enchanting, color changing, white balance correcting, etc.

For full list of services please go HERE.

Types of photography I edit:

Fashion, high-fashion, beauty, editorial, look book, catalog, commercial, e-commerce, advertising, fashion / style blog, portfolio (model, MUA, stylist, hair stylist), etc.

If you have not found the type of photo editing need on the list, don’t hesitate to ask. As the list of services might not contain all of the editing types / photography styles for retouching.

Types of photography I do NOT edit:

Babies, newborns, family (if it’s not editorial / fashion / advertising campaign), bridal / wedding (if it’s not editorial, fashion, e-commerce or bridal look book), super low quality.

How to submit a photo for retouch?

Submitting a photo for retouch is easy. You can find full guide on submitting a photo or a project HERE.

Just click the link and follow simple instructions. This guidance is suitable for both commercial and non-commercial orders.

Do you provide amendments?

Two rounds of revisions are included in the offer, unless otherwise stated.

Additional instructions or extra revisions are charged separately.

Additional instructions are any instruction you have not mentioned (forgot to mention) while placing an order.

Which file formats can I send?

Such file types as RAW, JPG, TIF, PNG  and PSD are accepted for any retouching service.

Some other formats can be edited. If your file format differs from the ones mentioned above, please clarify it via email. You can drop me a line HERE.

What about copyright?

I do not claim any copyright to derivative retouched/edited images submitted by customers (both trial images and orders), and customers are always the only copyright owner.

Paid orders only

Your images and material submitted for retouch are not accessible to public unless you share them to the public.

Only the “after” result of editing your photos may be published in my portfolio unless you want to keep privacy and asked me not to publish the images at all. Please do this BEFORE placing an order.

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