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Images for personal & non-commercial promotional use which you are NOT going to use for selling the services, advertising, e-commerce or promoting goods. It also includes photos that you will NOT use for any kind of competitions, such as hair styling / make up / beauty competitions and contests.

Rates for non-commercial orders may vary between 20$ to around 60$ per single photo.

Where (usually, but NOT always) 20$ per image is rather simple editing (ex.: style blog, personal, fashion blog, etc. ) and 60$ per image is a complicated deep editing of the photo (ex.: artistic make up, complicated hair styling, bad skin beauty image, etc.).

Final price for the project is quoted individually as it depends on several factors such as depth of editing, time frames, etc.

Suitable for such retouching as

  • Beauty and make up
  • Editorial and fashion
  • MUA portfolio
  • Hair stylist portfolio
  • Stylist portfolio
  • Designer portfolio
  • Model portfolio
  • Personal images


Images that are used for selling products or services, advertising & promotional campaigns, e-commerce. It also includes photos for competitions and contests, such as hair styling / make up / beauty / model; and paid collaborations with brands (paid either with money or goods / services).

Rates for commercial orders start with 30$ per photo and vary depending on a project.

Where (usually, but NOT always) 30$ per image is simple editing of one single photo. Rates for commercial projects are flexible, that is why there is no upper limit.

Final price for the project is quoted individually as it depends on many requirements. Besides common factors, working with commercial orders means considering your company’s budget.

Suitable for such retouching as

  • E-commerce
  • Adds and promotion
  • Products & services
  • Catalog images
  • Paid competitions
  • Brand collaborations
  • Commercial web
  • Business imagery


Required time

Editing time depends on the type of retouching you are asking for. It varies depending on a project, image type and its further use.

Image complexity

Some things may drastically change the processing time: skin condition, folds on clothing, dirty studio background, bad make up, etc.

Number of people

The more models there are on a single image, the more time it takes to process. Also, their skin / make up / clothing condition might differ.

Expected quality

Expected quality and the further use of images. The depth of editing depends on the final use of the images. Ex: print, web, social networks posting, etc.

Time Frames

The less time is given for retouching, the higher goes the rate. Retouching the same 10 photos within 24 hours VS 5 full days makes great difference.

The source picture

Whether the photo is new or it is a bad job fixing. If the picture was already retouched by someone else, it might take more time to finish the job.

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