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Tools to Send Photos and Upload Files for Image Retouching

Tools to Send Photos and Upload Files for Image Retouching

Almost every day I have to answer frequently asked questions. And while setting up a FAQ page would be easy, it does not provide enough information on each subject. That is why to help us save time, I have decided to make a list of small helpful articles on this blog. Where I would be able to cover each topic individually.

Whether you are an experienced photographer, an advertising agency, an aspiring model, or just a person who prefers their photos edited by somebody else, you might find this thread helpful. If not for working with a retoucher, then possibly for optimising your own work.

We will go from the most asked question to the least asked. Today I am answering this one:

Question: I have a bunch of images I would like to have retouched. How can I send them to you?

A small note before the main answer. First thing to know, do not attach your images to an email (unless it’s previews). Though some retouchers prefer gmail, others may use mail clients like Thunderbird or Opera. And your files might not get to them in one piece. Moreover, downloading them from an email might be time consuming. And never send them directly via WhatsApp or other messaging apps.

Answer: Here are some instruments to help you safely send (and even store) your photos:

Dropbox – up to 2 GB storage, file upload to 2GB.
I used to like Google Drive, but Dropbox came in the picture and I switched to those guys. Subscribed for a paid plan within a couple of weeks – it was that comfortable to use. It is smart, it is secure, it allows me to safely backup all of my clients’ projects and both of my 2TB discs. The desctop app is comfortable to use.

Wetransfer – no storage, file upload up to 2 GB.
I have noticed that most of my clients prefer Wetransfer to any other way of transferring the files. That is reasonable. Wethransfer is the easiest user-friendly website for sharing files.

Google Drive – up to 15GB storage and file upload – free.
Easy to use, simple interface that looks very much like usual folders on your PC. Has a desktop app.

Box – 10 GB storage, 250 MB file upload limit – free.
That is not a very generous file upload limit. But is you have only a couple of images to send, Box might be handy. I used it only once to be honest. It is not bad, but there are better options.

Mega – 50GB storage, 50GB file upload limit.
Mega is the best choice. Which I don’t use. It is free, easy to use and has a lot of storage. However I never got used to that interface.

I am not a very good blog writer, nor do I have any experience in analysing tools for business. Therefore, consider this article my personal opinion.
If you have any other amazing tools for transferring files, please don’t hesitate to share t in the comment section. I welcome any questions and will be happy to help.
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