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Body and Shape

Changing body proportions, reshaping nose, ears, lips, make up lines, folds on clothing, hair volume, double chin, etc. Everything is done according to anatomical (or common sence) standards. There will not be “overdone” reshapings. It will all look perfect, but natural at the same time.

Make Up

Make up enhancing, editing, removing, creating from scratch. Changing make up colors and tones. Editing eyelashes, eyebrows, lips. Straightening and retouching any objects used for make up (like glitters, stickers, feathers, etc). Getting rid of bad countouring result or orange tinted skin. Retouching artistic make up, such as facepainting.


Reshaping any parts of the clothing. Removing stitches, stray threads, creases. Getting rid of the dust, folds, spots, dirt from clothing and shoes. Changing colors and tones of outfits. Smoothing the texture of the fabric.


Removing lines, wrinkles, spots, blemishes, etc. Skin smoothing and softening with absolutely no texture loss. Using techniques like frequency separation, dodge & burn. No cheap filters like portraiture or any other “fast” software. Changing skin tone (ex: add tan, make skin two shader darker / lighter). Adding or removing freckles.


Making nails longer / shorter. Changing the shape of the nails. Replacing cracked nail polish. Cleaning nail area from dirt and scratches. Changing the color of nail polish and any elements. Nail art retouching.


Cleaning studio background from dust, scratches, footprints, folds, creases, spots, etc. Removing the background, replacing it with any other scenery. Changing the color / shade or the background. Getting rid of people / objects (ex.: for on location fashion or editorial photo shoot – remove all people except for the model). Changing the time of the year.

Hire Erika Kremer - Professional Retoucher and Image Editor. Retouching Agency Service – NYC LA


Right tones and colors is one of the most important parts of any photo. From basic things like correcting white balance, changing shadows & lights, choosing the right camera calibration to creating cinematic mood or clean fashion look of the image – everything plays a vital part in how professional your photos look at the end.


Stray hair removal. Creating smooth silky hair effect. Reshaping hairstyles to make them larger, smaller or more straight. Changing hair color and tones. Face and body hair removal from any parts of the body (with no blur, no skin texture loss).


Any color on the photo can be changed or enhanced. Ex.: the color of background, skirt, shoes, eyes, forest can be changed on any other. The shades can be changed as well (ex: shade of red – from maroon to burgundy). The same applies to the season of the year (for ex.: summer can be changed into autumn).

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