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Choose & upload images

Get the photos in the best resolution you have. Upload your images. You can use Google Drive / DropBox / Wetransfer / Mega / etc.

Provide directions

Provide proper clear instructions for editing each image. You can also attach mood boards (sample inspirational images) and screenshots of your own unedited photos.

Set the deadline

Set an exact time of finishing your order / project. Consider time for possible amendments and directions. Remember that ASAP and usual time frames may differ.

Confirm project type

Let me know your project type. Ex: Commercial / non - commercial. Is it for a magazine / online store / look book / MUA portfolio / fashion competition etc.

Confirm use of photos

Provide some info on how you are going to use the images. Ex: web / print (how large?) / social networks / website banners / advertising campaigns / product closeups on your website / etc.

Send an email

Combine all the info into an email. Checklist: 1 - link for photos. 2 - information (directions- deadline- use) 3 - Any extra info like your website, company, etc.


Mega - up to 50GB

Lets you upload up to 50 GB for free. The best interface, the easiest to use. Great for large projects.

Google Drive - up to 15GB

Good alternative to MEGA cloud. Store and send up to 15GB for free.

DropBox - up to 2GB

Lets you upload up to 2 GB for free. Will suit perfectly for small projects.

WeTransfer - up to 2GB

The worst comparing to all of the above. Just in case you have no other alternative.


Type one: screenshot.
Screenshot with your directions always works perfectly. It is probably the best way to provide instructions. Alternatively, instead of writing all directions on the image itself, you can draw numbers on it and write all info in an email or a separate file.

Type two – written directions.
If making screenshots is not an option or there are simply too many images to screenshot each and every of them, do not worry. Written instructions are also perfect.

Ex.: IMG_0976 (this could be written either for single image – IMG_0967 or a bunch of different images – from IMG_0976 to IMG_1025): RESHAPING – slim the waist; shorten nose, fuller lips. SKIN: clean the blemishes, leave shine and freckles. MAKE UP – blend eye shadow, remove bad contouring, clean eyeliner. Hair – smooth, remove stray hairs, cooler tone (from yellow to ashy gray, check attached mood board photo No 2 for it). CLOTHING – remove the creases on the knee, change the color of the skirt (mood board image No6).

Let’s just see what you can do for it. The skin should look radiant. – A lot of things can be done with one photo. The opinion on what “radiant” skin is may differ for each person.

Just do your best, would love to see how you’ll manage this. – Same, a lot of different things can be done with one image. If we include all the possible “best” options, that might cost a fortune.

Just edit the skin and make the colors editorial. – there are dozens of skin editing types and looks. “Editorial colors” can mean absolutely anything – from harsh black and white to retro VOGUE tones.

Please do basic beauty retouch. Thanks. – understanding of “basic beauty retouch” might differ from person to person.

Or, in other words, why “DO YOUR BEST” will never ever work for providing proper instructions.

1. Understanding of “best” or “perfect” or “beautiful” is not the same for each person. My vision may differ from yours.

2. If I do my best for each image, I will rate the project accordingly. As by “the best” I mean the deepest retouch of highest quality, it will take more time and efforts to edit your image. Therefore, it will cost more.

3. As you are not giving any particular directions, each and every further amendment / revision will be charged.

Additional instructions or extra revisions are charged separately. Additional instructions are any instruction you have not mentioned (forgot to mention) while placing an order.

And as you have not provided any proper instructions while placing an order, each further instruction will be considered as additional.

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